Refund Policy

24 Hour 100% No Risk Refund and Client Satisfaction Guarantee:

Within 24 hours of your paid subscription, if you haven't downloaded any records and notify us to cancel the service, we will refund the $25 charge in full. After that, the following refund policy is in effect:

The VentureDeal Refund Policy is based on a combination of (1) the amount of time remaining in a cancelled subscription period, and (2) the percentage of unused transaction record downloads.

Paid subscribers ("Subscribers") to VentureDeal enjoy the use of the database, either by viewing Records ("Records") on their computer screen or downloading them via .CSV file type to their computer from the website system provided by for performing the downloads. A Record is defined as a complete set of information about a specific Transaction, Venture Investor, Technology Company or Service Firm in the VentureDeal database at the time of download. Subscription details are as follows:

Monthly Subscription

Downloading records outside the website system provided for Subscriber use is prohibited.

In the event a Subscriber cancels a pre-paid subscription to before the end of the period, the unused portion of paid subscription will be prorated and refunded to the Subscriber, less a fee for transaction downloads that have already taken place based on the maximum number of downloads allowed with that subscription.

For example, cancellation of a subscription (100 download limit) after 15 days would result in a prorated refund of $12.50 if no downloads have taken place. If 50 (50/100) downloads have already occurred, the refund would be diminished by a factor of .50; if 30 (30/100), then by .30; and so on:

Subscription remaining:
$25 monthly subscription X unused subscription period (.50) = $12.50

Records remaining:
50 records/100 record limit = 50%

Total refund:
$12.50 - (12.50 x .50) = $6.25

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact VentureDeal. We look forward to serving you!


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